Friday, January 6, 2017

The Nightmare Machine

This is not from the Nightmare Machine, but from the 20th century horror-artist Francis Bacon. Surely he could teach Google's AI a thing or two.

AI creates gallery of nightmare images for Halloween
Oct 2016, BBC

The creators of the Nightmare Machine are trying to "help our algorithms learn scariness." In other words, they're teaching machines how to scare us. They called it the Nightmare Machine, not me. And if this isn't enough to scare Stephen Hawking on Halloween, I don't know what is.

Two techniques they're using are called style transfer and generative adversarial networks; just mentioning this because they sound cool.


On Google AI's previous project, Deep Dream:

Inceptionism vs Trypophobia
Network Address, 2015

Deep Bosch
Network Address, 2015

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