Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Nature Nature Everywhere

Van Gogh's starry swirls are generally known to be formed according to Levy distributions, which are mathematical formulae, and can be found in turbulent water and other natural phenomena

Musical melodies obey same laws as foraging animals
phys.org, Jan 2016

"The researchers found that the distribution of melodic intervals in two classical concertos and two folk songs can be modeled by a Lévy distribution... [which] describes many other diverse scenarios, such as the turbulent motion of a particle in a liquid or gas, the changes in the price of a stock, earthquake activity, and the foraging paths of wild animals."

It really makes you wonder natural vs artificial, and free will etc.

Did Van Gogh really put those lines there, or was he just following his animal instinct. Debussy?


Music, the Arts and Ideas
Leonard B. Meyer, U. of Chicago, 1967

“It is impossible to stand outside of culture, for the models and categories we use on conceptualizing and ordering the world are necessarily limited to, if not determined by, those which are provided by our particular culture.” (viii)

“A culture, like a musical style, is a learned probability system.” (p17, footnote 21)

Culture as Learned Probability System
Network Address, 2012

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