Monday, July 30, 2012

Relativistic Authenticity

It's like when you're an American looking for news about America on BBC. You know all big media these days is corrupt and manipulated and biased, but it is, nonetheless, done in the service of manipulating a specific population. BBC, then, can only spin so much of the full volume of data processing through their apparatus, (and in a way that does not exhibit a perceptible contradiction - in an imaginary newsmedia that spun all information relative to all potential viewers, the  overall contradictions would cancel its legitmacy and believabilty), and so you have to ask, which data points would be more likely to be tweaked? Those points that are significant/meaningful to the mass British psyche, that's what. So as an American, if I want news that is less corrupt, relative to me, it makes sense that I would go to another country's national news-source? They aren't trying to brainwash me, I'm an American (sure they might like to, but at some point it becomes unreasonable to do so, for the reasons above). So isn't BBC then more authentic to me than CNN?

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