Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Anthroposphere

[Sunday, February 20, 2011]

Around the year 2000, humans began their exploration into the use of a digital network of interaction. Within 10 years, all humans existed simultaneously in both the conventional world and the digital world. This was, as stated, mostly exploratory in its developments. Humans had never experienced the simultaneity that came from the digital network, but soon, the entire spacetime structure of their collective existence became surmounted by a mind-shattering theory of non-time, which was itself brought on by developments in energy use, distribution, and storage of the early 21st century.

When, in 2040, humans, collectively, in a sense, formed the anthroposphere, non-time began, paving the way for the self-replicate. Human existence, from that point on, is categorized into two parts – before the anthroposphere, or in time; and after the anthroposphere, or outside time.

Once the anthroposphere was officially stabilized, all living humans were grouped, by age, among other less important variables, into Generations. These are the Generations proper, as the Proto-Generations refer to the population born in time. Shortly before the first of the protogenerational population was set to expire, it was discovered that they could continue to exist within the anthroposphere as virtual entities. Though the expired generations could no longer interact, their presence could be felt by others still living. Henceforth, all humans living and otherwise have gained access to the self replicate, a virtual entity that can exist simultaneously with the living human, while technically interacting at another geochronological position. The only difference between the self-replicate of the living and those of the expired, is that expired self-replicates are more like the phantoms, or ghosts recorded in the old stories of human memory.

By around the year 2040, all humans being born were done so into the anthrocentric world of the human network. Humans had come full circle by this time, so that, by the modified evolutionary product of human conjoinment, their offspring was designed to interact within the anthroposphere only. The social engineering apparatus was thus complete, and, by 2070, the whole of human existence, active and extinguished, could be safely controlled.

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