Saturday, January 24, 2015

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Although the curatorial juxtaposition of Title-Content-Image-Tags is the primary 'artwork' here at Network Address, added below is a sample of the author's artwork, some current, some recent, and some favorites. This is all original content unless otherwise noted.

Evolution of Adult Lactose Absorption: An Infographic 


Study in curvilinear perspective

The Dubble Bubble Vortex

Ice Crystals on Frozen Birdshit

I saw this coming a mile away and waited til the right moment. Seriously. On a flip-phone.

sketch - construction site

compositional sketch - under the bridge

sketch - figure drawing

*this is not an original, just a study

Fake-False parquet deformation a la Douglas Hofstadter:
There are only two other sets of words in English that do this, but none of them make this much sense while doing it
This is a screenshot taken from Google NGram Viewer. It shows the phrase "Once Upon a Time" as a function of time, via the Google corpus of Western literature.

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