Sunday, November 27, 2011

Network Address

A note to the reader, or to those at least who are looking to understand this.

The tag “Mass Transference Device” is a reference to a book, still being written, by the same title. Log entries tagged with this name are excerpts from the book. It is, or seems to be, understood by the author, that all of these things, excerpts and entries alike, are stand-alone, and can thus be understood in either context, those being that of the book itself, or that of a single entry, a single point or idea.

The relationship between log entry and book excerpt (entry as individual, stand-alone; and excerpt as part of a whole, part of a larger idea) is one yet to be fully understood by the author, and so, if any confusion as to the lineage of causation emerges, it is being noted here at least some basic explanation. But, as from confusion emerges clarity, so from clarity contradiction. We end up only facing once again, confusion.

One of the overall purposes, it seems, of this all, both the book and the log entries, is to facilitate the development of a resistance to sustained confusion, thus yielding…something…

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