Monday, July 11, 2011

Looking Back

written sometime in the future

I have always been interested in that wave of people washed over the earth prior to the advent of agriculture. They were propelled by their own revolution, a new capacity for the brain, for co-development with a changing environment. In fact, life by our definition is only that which starts with cells and organisms able to respond to their environment. But in the greater sense it is evidenced by the gathering of mass, or the creation of mass, as this is the farthest reach of the origin of our phase of universal expression to which we can make contact.

Life is like the fisherman’s net, casting open into the sea and bringing back only the good things the water offers, less the water. But as stalagmites seem to grow from the ground, so did our existence, a deposit left by the nebulousness after its evaporation in cycles of on/off, building upwards, pointing away from the two-dimensional earth into its own dimension.

And so agriculture collects humans and concentrates their energy. And industry further refines our purpose. The digital era, the ability to turn electricity into a language, to codify and communicate that human construction: reality. Further, the human ability to monitor and predict their world outpaced the human capacity for discriminating between universal expression, and expression anthrogenic. This, of course, marked the limits of our interaction with that universal expression. Until that point, our life exists dimensionally. That is to say, as matter, as organisms, as humans. Forces such as gravity dominate, but more importantly, concepts, such as concentration and dispersal. Information does not require transmission, as it is already in all places at all times. It is extra-dimensional, or non-dimensional.

Human existence is bound by the physical, the phase in which it developed this specific experiencing/connecting/mirroring apparatus. In order to advance beyond this point, it is not us, obviously, but our self replicate, our essence, that must separate and travel alone into that unknown. We will be left behind. And what to do? Will have not our purpose been then fulfilled? Not to worry, we will always be in control of our interpretation of the universe. And after all, in a world without space-time, we are always there, and we will always be together.

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