Sunday, January 2, 2011

Karmic Channels: Preparation-thought, processing-thought, and fossilized thought-growth

Akin to adjusting the karmic channels that influence our chi, thought sets up the conditions for future understanding.

Thought, as much as it is necessary for the acquisition of knowledge, is used also in the preparation of the mind in anticipation of knowledge. In thinking, we are sowing the field of the psyche, planting seeds in some cases, and in other cases, letting the seeds fall where they may.

Knowledge can be called the growth that follows this preparation-thought, and thus a different kind of thought, the reaping, processing-thought, is what we use to register this development to knowledge (i.e., “fossilized thought-growth”).


  1. I have recently had the same realization. We loosely use the term "creativity", but that is almost non existent. Rarely (maybe never) has anyone called into being anything that until that moment had no element based in any of the imaginor's life experience. Most creativity is a simple twisting or perversion of our own lives. Also, being open minded is more rare than most of the "enlightened" would have us believe. I do consider myself open-minded, but often have to take an opposing stance to my own internal gut (conditioning), making me again question the possibility of being a true blank slate.
    I have also heard of the collective consciousness, but other than the bombardment of culture and images and advertising, it may be an illusion as well. Did the Hopi experience collective consciousness?
    Can I truly learn from the mistakes of another? Why oh why did I take the blue pill?

  2. It's funny how we think of creativity as something original, something that comes from nothing. Yet, it is just a continuation, an iteration of ourselves. And we are nothing but a specific combination all that came before us.