Thursday, May 9, 2013

With Wormholes or Without

Searching for the Quantum Origins of Space and Time
Renate Loll, Utrecht University's Institute for Theoretical Physics
Perimeter Institute, Waterloo, May 5, 2010

Renate Loll is interested in spacetime and quantum gravity on the Planck scale. She invents a universe that runs on Planck-scale building blocks. If she designs the universe such that she -disallows- wormholes, it scales up to resemble the familiar, classical world we know. As soon as she allows wormholes, however, that universe simply makes little wormholes everywhere - every available piece of quantum fluctuating spacetime will make a wormhole with itself, and as you feed  the universe more and more spacetime, it just makes more and more a big knot of wormholes all connecting to eachother. The "universe which is allowed to have wormholes" never grows, and every place is just one step from every other, and that creates a universe with a very large number of dimensions.

spacetime with wormholes
(as opposed to without)

That is all.

see her mindwarping wormhole simulation around 45minutes: [video]

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