Tuesday, May 28, 2013

On Crowdsourcing


Ford challenges developers to create efficiency app
Alisa Priddle, March 29, 2013 

[...seems to be more about Ford using its consumers to do 'real-world' research and development, using Apple and Google products which the consumers themselves also pay for, of course...I call that freesearch]

Ford is offering up to $50,000 to developers who deliver hardware or software that helps drivers understand the effect of the elements and driving habits on their fuel economy.

"We need to help customers understand the concept of personal fuel economy, based on their own individualized experiences, and give them tools to see, learn and act upon all the information available to know what to expect, how to improve, and even offer guidance in their shopping process," Farley said.

The announcement follows consumer complaints, class action lawsuits and a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency investigation into the gap between mileage posted on new vehicle stickers and what drivers claim they are getting.

BONUS [see "real-world"]
Ford has said it is working with the EPA and discussing whether the government tests need to be revised to better reflect real-world conditions.

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