Sunday, May 5, 2013


Ross Andersen – Humanity's Deep Future
interviewing Daniel Dewey of the Future of Humanity Institute
Aeon  Magazine, March, 2013

Trumpeter Republic F-105D Thunderchief_1-32 scale

Veritable Telepathy
...a thudding arrival from space, whose aftermath rained exterminating fire on the dinosaurs. The ecological niche for mammals swelled in the wake of this catastrophe, and so did mammal brains. A subset of those brains eventually learned to shape rocks into tools, and sounds into symbols, which they used to pass thoughts between one another.

On Artificial Intelligence
An AI might want to do certain things with matter in order to achieve a goal, things like building giant computers, or other large-scale engineering projects. Those things might involve intermediary steps, like tearing apart the Earth to make huge solar panels. A superintelligence might not take our interests into consideration in those situations, just like we don’t take root systems or ant colonies into account when we go to construct a building.

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