Tuesday, December 25, 2012

On Syntropy and the Illusion of Precogntion

The Law of Syntropy
 “…Syntropic phenomena, which are instead represented by those strange solutions of the “anticipated potentials”, should obey two opposite principles of finality (moved by a final cause placed in the future, and not by a cause which is placed in the past)…”
-Luigi Fantappiè, taken from a letter to a friend circa 1940’s(?)

“Advanced Waves, Retrocausality and Consciousness”
Antonella Vannini , Ph.D Student in Cognitive Psychology – University of Rome “La Sapienza”, 2005(?)

Population Explosion and Precognition
Dreams which appear to be precognitive may in fact be the result of the "Law of Large Numbers". Robert Todd Carroll, author of "The Skeptic's Dictionary" put it this way: "Say the odds are a million to one that when a person has a dream of an airplane crash, there is an airplane crash the next day. With 6 billion people having an average of 250 dream themes each per night, there should be about 1.5 million people a day who have dreams that seem clairvoyant."

“Law of Truly Large Numbers (Coincidence)”
May 26, 2012

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