Sunday, December 9, 2012

Information as Life

What Technology Wants, Kevin Kelly, 2010

Information doesn’t exist in spacetime. We do.

Data are just different patterns of life, layered on top of each other countless times. The more layers the data become, the more sophisticated the patterns, until you have life, then life that creates its own body-less information. Then we have something like data squared.

Technology is a form of information. DNA is a technology of life. It processes information from chemical to biological to electrical and back, to be replicated by progenetic entities.

Humans are the first form of life capable of storing information outside of itself, information that can then be processed and replicated by another form of its own (technological) species in an extra-biological way.

Is it crazy to think that life is using us to procreate itself? No.

Is it crazy to think that technology – a form of body-less information – is using us to procreate itself? Maybe.

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