Saturday, December 8, 2012

On Free Will and Risk

“We act and interpret the acts of others, on the basic assumption that there is personal freedom; and all our moral judgments depend upon our conviction that free choice is possible. (But it should at the same time be noted that we are able to choose effectively only because, like the artist, we act within a tradition which limits the range and probability of the choices available to us in a particular situation. Were all models of behavior equally possible and probably we should be paralyzed in trembling indecision.) Every achievement, every true discovery, risks failure. For a great work or art or a great scientific discovery is great precisely because the creator has dared to choose beyond the limits and bounds of the normal, the accepted, and the obvious.”

[And in so doing, they free the rest of us.]

Leonard B. Meyer, “Forgery and the Anthropology of Art”, pp 77-92
in The Forger’s Art: Forgery and the Philosophy of Art
Denis Dutton, ed.
Berkeley, 1983

On Free Will and the Power Law
We all have free will...yet no matter what we did, we unconsciously followed the same law - a power law. (p105)

-A.L. Barabasi, 2010

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