Wednesday, July 27, 2011

On Teilhard’s Integrated Theory of Evolution and the Theory of Conscious Matter:

Teilhard and Cosmic Evolution Series, 1 of 8

-Life from dead matter

-Man from animal

-Matter is conscious but requires a high degree of organization to enable it to cross the threshold and manifest itself as consciousness

-Life as universal phenomenon of the complexification of matter

The Law of Complexity Consciousness:

-Besides entropy (energy dissipation)

-Besides expansion (universal unfolding and granulization)

-Besides electrical and gravitational forces of attraction

--There is a perennial current of “interiorizing complexification” that animates the whole mass of things (p33).

There may be a hidden relation between Newtonian gravity of condensation (stars) and the “gravity” of complexification (life) (p33, note).

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Man’s Place in Nature: The Human Zoological Group

Written 1949, Harper’s 1956, English trans 1966

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