Thursday, July 7, 2011

Belief is Submission

The true scientist never finds truth. He seeks it endlessly, as an exercise in thought, an exercise the benefits of which are utilized to the enhanced interaction of the human (both individual and collective) with the surrounding.

And only those wishing to collect power call certain benefits of these exercises ‘truth’. To believe in someone else’s truth is to submit one’s own personal power, and consequently to diminish the power of the collective.

Belief is submission.

There is only one truth, and for every human, there is a mirror of that truth, and it is different for every human, yet necessarily complementary for their reliance upon and utilization of the One Truth that is shared by all.

To believe the artificial truth of another man is to submit one’s own access to and control of the only practicable One Truth. We give up our freedom to believe the real truth, the truth that, albeit dangerous and unpredictable, provides the only solid foundation upon which we can base our personal existence.

To exist in another man’s world is to offer your dreams to the altar of progress.

Belief is submission.

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