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The Noosphere – Ethnic Compression; Economic-Technical Organization; and the Simultaneous Increase of Consciousness, Science and Radius of Activity:

Teilhard and Cosmic Evolution Series, 8 of 8

Particularly since the Neolithic, the more mankind is compressed upon itself by the effects of growth, the more, if it is to find room for itself, is it vitally forced to find continually new ways of arranging elements in the way that is most economical of energy and space (p98).

[--Kevin Kelly, How Technology Evolves--

Kelly suggests that technology is the seventh kingdom of life; it evolves, evidences 'genetic' lineage and is distinct from biology in that certain 'species' can be traced to 'parents' that have gone 'extinct'. He calls technology a cosmic force.]

On increased psychic temperature/mental interiority and inventive power, under the law of complexity consciousness: it “increases each human element’s radius of action and power of penetration in relation to all the others” (p98-99) and “today, thanks to the single discovery of electromagnetic waves any man can immediately and simultaneously make contact” (p99, note).

[note: written in 1949, pre-internet]

Towards the Future – The Convergent World and the Limits of Socialization:

On the Teilhard’s “wave” and the “passing of the equator”: “…in earlier days, man’s consciousness could be revolutionized simply by the discovery of a new continent…” (p103).

More brain: collectivized cerebralization, the grey matter of mankind [not man, but mankind] (p100)

Man, taxonomically, is not just a family or genus but represents another planetary biological layer (p112, note).

Everything comes about in the course of cosmic convolution as though the superstructure (the psyche) more gradually replaces the infrastructure (the physical) as the consistent portion of the vitalized particles (p121, final note).

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Man’s Place in Nature: The Human Zoological Group

Written 1949, Harper’s 1956, English trans 1966

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