Monday, June 3, 2013

Robo vs. Bot

"Robo-" means the technology mostly responsible for the robot is like a physical thing: the flying robot mimics an actual fly (or flying insect)

"-Bot" means the technology is predominantly akin to a mental process, an algorithm, or simply something that mimics what humans do with their brains: Social-bots pretend they are real people via textual conversation, Copy-bots scan YouTube for infringing material, Photo-bots take pictures - and it is not the camera that makes the photo-bot special, it is the fact that it can recognize that you are a person, and thus "take a picture of you"

So, inversely, a regular camera (sans face-recognition algorithm) would be a robo-eye?

BBC News - Robotic insect: World's smallest flying robot takes off
2 May 2013

Robo- is hardware, and -Bot is software

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