Sunday, June 23, 2013

Justify My Heart

The Readymade Mashup

- take Alicia Keys' "Listen to Your Heart" and Madonna's "Justify My Love"

-- (I have one open in a media player, the other in youtube, and toggle between them w a keyboard controller, as one shuts off, the other starts)

--- start Alicia Keys and have them both ready to toggle by 0:21 seconds, AK time (Alicia Keys)

---- at AK 0:28, switch to Madonna, and let it run for a bit
-------- at MD 0.27, switch
---- at AK 0.39
-------- at MD 0.37
---- at AK 0.48
-------- at MD 0.56
---- at AK 0.58
-------- at MD 1.15

- if done right, the Madonna 1:15 switch to Alicia Keys 0.58 comes out as "Justify My Heart"

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