Tuesday, January 3, 2017

What One is Not

image source

The Surreal Drama of Actors Playing Sick for Med Students
WIRED, Jan 2016

I thought this was cool because I like pretend things, and especially fake things.

“The important thing about simulation is that imagination, or suspension of disbelief, is required,” Botz says. “Pretending to be a doctor is not easy for some, but life requires a certain amount of pretending to be what one is not. As a young resident, you must convince a patient you are more competent than you feel.”
-photographer Corinne May Botz

(check out her series of photos Bedside Manner here)

And btw, I heard someone say the other day they were 'texting all messed up' when they called-out of work, which made me think this is the new version of coughing while you're on the phone with your boss.

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