Monday, January 19, 2015

To Unsee and The Streisand Effect

'Hidden From Google' lists pages blocked by search engine
BBC, Kevin Rawlinson, 15 July 2014

Hidden From Google

Right to be Forgotten
[The ruling gave people the right to ask for articles to be removed from search engine results if the piece included their names, as well as "inadequate, irrelevant or no longer relevant, or excessive" information about them.

It does not include a requirement for articles to be taken offline altogether. However, because of the popularity of search engines, it has been argued that the effect is similar.]

Searches on Google in Europe for some of the articles listed now return links to Hidden From Google by virtue of their mention on it.

"It is not as if the links are going away, it is just Google results within Europe that they are removed from, so you have this before-and-after picture with Google US," he said.

Afaq Tariq, the US web developer who set up the site in June this year.

Streisand effect
Mr Tariq said he had not yet made up his mind on the issue in general. But the inclusion of articles removed from search engine results on Hidden From Google raises the possibility of the "Streisand effect" - when demanding silence on a subject only serves to draw more attention to it.

The term was coined after the singer unsuccessfully attempted to suppress publication of photographs of her home, inadvertently drawing more attention to them.

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