Friday, March 8, 2013

Thought Gravity

Amazon Patents Gravity-Based Links to Pull You In
Roberto Baldwin 03.01.13, Wired

Amazon has patented a system that pulls the pointer toward a link or button, just the thing to help you click links — and buy products associated with those links.

If you’ve ever hit the wrong button or link on a touchscreen, you know the frustration of tapping repeatedly and still missing the link or button. Amazon’s Gravity-Based Link Assist patent fixes that by creating a gravitational field of sorts around linkable objects that pull the pointer toward tiny links and buttons.
Amazon’s Gravity-Based Link Assist patent

the illusion of control

Leaving the thread to 'prediction analytics in human dynamics' for another day (Barabasi's Bursts),

It's become so easy to imagine things like this within the neural interface, reducing our own cognitive power necessary to achieve accuracy. Today we blame google for making us forgetful of facts. But Tomorrow...

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