Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A real-fake book about eponymy written by an author with no name FTW!

Stigler's Law Of Eponymy
LAMBERT M. Surhone, MIRIAM T. Timpledon and SUSAN F. Marseken

While searching images for Stigler’s Law (things aren't named after those who  invent/discover them), I found this book written and published by robots. It looked fishy; a quick search of the (unreal/non-human) author verified it.

Having read about these bot-generated books, I was very excited to sniff one out myself, (not that it requires any effort, just the knowledge that it exists), but the fact that a bot is writing about Stigler’s law is just funny in itself.

(The text of these books consists of unmodified Wikipedia articles sold as actual books.)

Twitter Bots Fight It Out to See Who’s the Most Human

I'm Not a Real Friend, But I Play One on the Internet
Tim Hwang, HOPE#9, July 2012

Robot writes LA Times earthquake breaking news article
18 March 2014

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