Monday, January 28, 2013


War between those who accept the limitation of humanity and those who embrace the power of the possible is inevitable. The humans will not accept us, will not tolerate us, will not leave us in peace. They will fear us for our greatness, just as Nietzsche said they would fear the Ubermensch. In fearing us, they will seek to destroy us. They will be legion. We will be few. We will triumph, whatever the cost.
-Anonymous, POSTHUMAN MANIFESTO, January 2038


In order to combat criminals and terrorists using prescribed technologies, we have little choice but to embrace the enhancement of our own operatives. We can and must maintain operational supremacy on the battlefield. As such, we will use any means to ensure that the capabilities of our agents are unparalleled.
-ERD POSITION PAPER, November 2035

we're fuched.

Nexus, by Ramez Naam, 2012

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