Wednesday, November 14, 2012

High-Stakes Testing as the Inverse of Morality

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I think a lot about cheating in school, and have very strong opinions about it, usually falling into the category of ‘I don’t care if people cheat, because everyone is cheating at something’. I have been thinking also of things quantum-mechanical in nature, about self-fulfilling prophecy and the like. One day I read the article below. The next day I woke up with a thought in my head that read as such:

High-Stakes Testing is the Inverse of Morality

Most assertions that come from unconsciousness are not befitting of explanation and theoretical underpinning. Once I woke up with the maxim: “The active chemical in Listerine can be found between the lips of two people kissing.” Once else, however: “Bombs don’t scare people; people scare people.” Needless to say, in light of the way things seem to be working around here (i.e. American Politics and its utter disregard for truth in favor of a simply constructed story), I really don’t feel the need to explain why this is true, just that it is. And so, once again, the third time really is the charm, according to the basic tenets of advertising, at least:

High-Stakes Testing is the Inverse of Morality

After all, truth is only a thing that has been repeated many times.

Stuyvesant Students Describe the How and the Why of Cheating
Vivian Yee, September 25, 2012

Newark teachers union approves landmark contract offering merit pay bonuses
Jeanette Rundquist/The Star-Ledger, November 14, 2012

3 Newark charter school officials investigated for cheating breached test security
Jessica Calefati/The Star-Ledger, November 13, 2012

Quantum Pedagogical Theory

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