Saturday, April 14, 2012

Google Glass X Vernor Vinge

If you wanna know what the future of Google Glass is really like, read for yourself:

Rainbows End, Vernor Vinge, 2006

Augmented reality is projected onto your retina by a contact lens, and controlled by sensors in your clothes. Are you 'wearing'?


T-shirts developed that could charge mobile phones
10 July 2012 Last updated at 18:21

The researchers turned the t-shirt fabric into a 'supercapacitor'
Scientists at the University of South Carolina have found a way to use a cheap T-shirt to store electrical power.
It could pave the way for clothes that are able to charge phones and other devices.

Experts predict that new technologies including roll-up smartphones and laptops will be on the market soon.

Advanced Materials Journal
Towards Textile Energy Storage from Cotton T-Shirts
Lihong Bao, Xiaodong Li*
Article first published online: 16 MAY 2012

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