Sunday, August 7, 2011

On the Self-Replicate

[Sunday February 13, 2011]

People no longer interact in the way they were designed to by their physical evolution. During the transition from physical evolution to mental, the human body ceased to evolve (by its naturally selective definition), experiencing instead a change in mental constructs and eventually in collective interaction. Having developed the self-replicate, people could experience omni-spatial presence. They work while, at the same time, playing. The total separation of self into multiple entities allowed for unimaginable developments in energy use, while at the same time encouraging interpersonal interaction to increase to the point of full integration. Everyone can interact with everyone else all the time, at the same time – in fact, outside time. Experience, in a way, is shared rather than lived, in the ancient sense of the word.

This great system of human life is managed by the Exogenerational Body. This limited group is responsible for the maintenance of our collective life form. They redesign the anthropic network and redistribute its nodes as necessary. They also create vast diversions for the spiritual health of the people. Collectively, these diversions are called The Illusion. While many self-replicates perform the work necessary to uphold our way of life, others can at the same time commune in the warmth of their own chosen groups of conscious entities. The composite of all one’s choices within and between these networks and throughout all of one’s self replicates, is called one’s life – the people you’ve met, the things you’ve done, all of those are offered to you and either acquired or non-preferred, attracted or repelled. Technically, there are no new experiences offered within this illusion, only shared experiences endlessly redistributed. People come and go, in unifying cycles called Generations, but their self-replicates will always be bound within the anthroposphere, sharing the Great Experience. The only difference is that choice is not available – there is no acquisition or non-preference – existence simply sways to and fro throughout the sphere, riding on the currents of the universe that have been focused by the collective purpose of humankind.

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