Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chaos is Illusion

Chaos is an illusion.
It is but order disguised in complexity.

When we thoroughly understand a system, we call it order. Yet there are always parts of the system that we fail to understand and in those parts, we see only chaos. Through organization, through knowledge and understanding, we lift the veil of chaos, to reveal another layer of our ordered system. But like so many layers of the onion, we, as if trapped in an ever-expanding sphere of our own protection, shed one skin only to find another blurring our view.

No matter how big the system, it will always be surrounded in chaos. Chaos is the fertile ground of knowledge, the ground from which knowledge grows to understanding, and from which that understanding grows into the increasingly symbiotic relationship between the inside and the outside, the organism and its environment. As life accelerates on its path towards more life, it crystallizes the unsure footing of chaos that lay before it. The firmness upon which we stand is built out of thin air.

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